There is something I’ve said for years is that a  battery pack is always something you need with you no matter where you go, but with ever-growing market of batteries for sale this can be challenge to find a battery that you like and doesn’t go over your budget  Recently there has been a trend of Qi charging battery cases and I got to take a look at one from a company  called Enfonie Since their launch in 2012 in China, their company known as ‘Kimdecent’ has earned recognition from market in the industry as a premier designer of mobile accessories. Enfonie’s venture into the field of phone accessories was met with acclaim from consumers alike. This paved a way for Kimdecent to expand its range of products which eventually led to a international division in 2015. Today, Kimdecent has solidified its reputation as a designer of innovative consumer electronies.Today I am going to review a wireless charge 4000 mAh battery case  so how well does it work? lets find out…

Product Name: Enfonie iPhone X Battery Case with QI Wireless Charging

The Review:

There is no identifying marks on it and this case also doesn’t come with a charging cable so you will have to rely on your OEM apple charging cable to charge the case or you can just pop it onto your wireless charger.  There is however a  instruction booklet and a really nice addition to this product a GLASS screen protector to help protect the front which is quite rare in the case market. If you are getting this to work on the floor at any convention or maybe so your phone doesn’t go dead while out for a walk then you’re going to love it. This case has a Rechargeable 4000 mAh battery and can offer over at least one and half iPhone charges to your iPhone X.

A few dislikes about this case was first I don’t like the lightning connector they used it’s very flimsy and not strong which might explain why some complaned about this case I think they were using it in a rough condition like they thought most cases could stand the stress with the lightning connector. I also didn’t like is that it only comes in Black and compared to many other battery cases I’ve reviewed is that it’s rather thick to hold not sure why they couldn’t make it thinner one of my favorite battery cases and I don’t think they make a wireless charge case is Phonesuit never had trouble and it doesn’t make the thin iPhone X feel like your holding a brick. This case also has a integrated four-light LED indicator, you know exactly how much power you have (even though I would prefer to see one day a case with a digital display).I used this product for a few weeks and I have to say I really like it I didn’t find any problems besides overall case brick feeling.


So yes the case is priced a bit on the crazy side of pricing but when compared to my Phonesuit it comes up to the standard price spectrum  but is it even worth it? I would say wait till they make a thinner and more durable lightning connector  but if you want to keep your phone charged and not have to carry around a battery pack or cable during the day then give it a try.