Ok so you have searched for “flood lights” on your favorite shopping site for your home and I can bet you have come up with some good products in your search but one thing is stopping you. Most of those flood lights need someone who has had knowledge of electricity. Recently I came across a led flood light that doesn’t need any hard wiring just plug it in and it’s up and running well really there might be a few other steps like mounting and setting timers but that’s the easy stuff. As I said in the video I already was sold on the other led lights from Loftek  which I reviewed last year so when I saw this item I said “I’ve got to try it” So today I am going to review the LOFTEK 30W Motion Sensor LED Flood Light


Series: NOVA S

Rated Power: 30W

Input Voltage: AC 85-265V 

Luminous Flux: 2400lm

Beam Angle: 120°

Housing Material: Aluminum & Iron

Life Span: about 40,000 hours

Detection Range: Max 33 feet

Light Duration: 5s-7min

CCT: 5000-5500K CRI>70

IEC rating         LightBody: IP66 Sensor: IP54

Cable: UL 817; 5 feet

Wiring Mode: Brown/Black—Live (L)

Blue/White—Neutral (N)

Yellow/Green—Earth (GND)

Notes-Do not use cleaning chemicals or abrasive substances clean any part of the device. For routine cleaning you should use a soft, lint-free cloth gently wipe off any dust and light dirt. Always Disconnect the product from power source before cleaning.

Where ? :Amazon

Provider:  Loftek

Yes David yeah I know about flood lights they turn on when the motion detector senses motion  yep that’s the basic concept of them  but did you know this led flood light is different from others with a 40,000 hours of lifetime use while saving up to 80-90% in energy costs over a traditional light source.








The cord is a bit short depending on where your outlet is so a extension cord might be useful for this home project I really liked this led flood light for the ease of setup,brightness  and the being able to place this anywhere like I said in the video a warehouse or in the most popular place your driveway


After using this LED flood light for one week ,its works out well with most home projects  I wasn’t able to find anything wrong besides one thing that could be improved and that’s the settings they are really tough read and the dials seem to skip while you are turning them I would have just preferred set it digitally like one of my timers not really in the sense of wi-fi or blue just with a digital display so I can see the settings in real-time rather than making an educated guess about how many minutes I set it for I think if you want to use this led flood light outside/inside your home the cool white light might be better for the outside which looks great when viewing footage on a security camera