Today I am going to review an iPad Air case from a company called BoxWave is an industry endorsed, multi award-winning accessories provider for handheld devices like the iPhone, Treo 750, and 8525. From CNBC to Engadget, Handheld Computing Magazine to PC Today, Boxwave accessories have been recognized and featured by industry leaders on many occasions. Established in 2002, BoxWave has become the ultimate source for the most innovative accessories for handheld devices of all categories, including cell phones, PDA’s, smartphones, media players, gaming devices, GPS devices, UMPC’s, Tablet PC’s and more.  BoxWave offers one of the most comprehensive list of devices supported, and this list continues to expand as they update their products daily with the newest and most popular gadgets.

The design of this iPad Air case looks great In the past  I’ve reviewed a case just like this for my iPad 2 from Sketch in past years I like this one for being made on the thicker side so if I do drop it or it gets bumped around it’s still protected.  So how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Boxwave Leather iPad Air Book Jacket

Buy It Here:  Amazon  Boxwave 

Provider: BoxWave

 Price : $16.95

The case is crafted from synthetic leather like material and soft foam lining for great protection which gives it a form-fitting design. Thanks to this design the case feels great in the hand and your iPad Air doesn’t feel bulky as some other tough cases on the market. The case features a built-in stand with three angles perfect for watching movies or for typing and doesn’t collapse or interfere with any skin or screen protector like I’ve experienced with a few cases.


While I can legally say it has “cut-outs” all sides of the iPad are exposed besides the corners which could be an issue for some users who want a total protection for their iPad   

The case features cut-outs for:

  • Volume Rocker
  • Earphone jack
  • Lock/Rotate Switch
  • Speaker,Lightning Charging Port
  • Camera and Flash (there is a cutout for the camera and flash on the back)


Once the case is it has a pretty good drop protection except around the edges that the corner bumpers don’t cover. This iPad Air case features front cover protection so you can lay your iPad face down on the table just like you might do with a iPhone or into a bag without worry.


As I’ve said before the best part of this case is the stand for watching movies or for those who like to type with their iPad since it has the smart cover stand. Another cool feature of this case that my Skech case that I mentioned earlier didn’t have the spot for a Stylus having this is very useful if you brought the Boxwave AccuPoint Active Stylus this goes great with it.



After using this case for a few weeks,  One thing that could be touched upon was the clasp that you open and close the case the fake leather was pealing off I barely had the case on for an hour and this problem presented itself to me hopefully Boxwave fixes this issue as it’s not a big problem but you would think the glue/material they use should hold up to opening and closing the iPad. The case offers style and protection to your iPad Air.  The movie stand is best for looking at a twitter/facebook/youtube or email feed its one of the best affordable cases I would still recommend if you are getting or have a iPad Air but I would look into a back skin to protect those sides from scratches.