FILE for this FILE for that! is something that we all have to deal with it if you have a computer or smartphone it’s just like storing a bike for the winter or getting some extra storage for your holiday time photos and videos and not emailing them to your email or syncing to iPhoto on the Mac there is an easier solution and that’s a flash drive for your iPhone. I’ve reviewed quite a few of these devices but this one from the cool people at Naztech came out with a 2nd generation of this “i flash drive” that is smaller and can support a 256GB mini sd card it comes with a 16GB Naztech branded SD card which you can surely put a lot of movies on for that trip back home from grandmas on the plane, train or automobile. Today I am going to review the Naztech Xtra Mini External Storage Apple Lightning USB Flash Drive

Where ? : Amazon 

The packaging for the flash drive is simple all you get is the drive,warranty cards and a 16GB mini SD Naztech card


After using this iOS flash drive for a few weeks , I didn’t find any faults this flash drive is built well with the aircraft aluminum As I said before I’ve reviewed many of these IOS flash drives on YouTube and I like the fact I can put a micro SD card in and even record from my Canon Rebel camera and view the files on my iPad and edit if I wanted to. The software is very basic as I pointed out unlike the Photofast app There isn’t too many instructions or video tutorials that come with the flash drive but then again its made simple so no need I just hope they improve on the app. In terms of transferring files it was O.K not SUPER fast but fair, there is no lanyard but there is a key chain so you could attach to a lanyard if you want I wouldn’t put the drive with your regular day-to-day keys in your pocket treat it just like your regular flash drives with care.