Innovative dongle lets camera owners use a DSLR camera as a powerful webcam for live online video broadcasting.

KAPCHR to launch on Indiegogo for funding – aims to simplify and leverage the power of professional DSLR camera as a webcam for a Mac, PC or Linux.


Toronto, Canada – November 6, 2017- Today, Gear Care Inc., a technology and design company announced the launch of its IndieGoGo campaign for KAPCHR – an innovative USB 3.0 plug-n-play dongle that lets DSLR owners use their cameras as a powerful webcam for live online video streaming.

KAPCHR is compact, powerful and simplifies the process of connecting a professional or consumer DSLR camera to a Mac, PC or Linux device using only an HDMI and USB cable – an otherwise expensive and cumbersome process.

With the popularity of live video broadcasting growth, platforms such as Youtube Live, FaceBook Live, Periscope and many others desire better quality levels for broadcast studio video quality. KAPCHR aims to cater to professional and non-professional broadcasters alike by leveraging the power and control DSLR cameras offer to video producers.

KAPCHR is also the only compact dongle of its size to feature an extra audio input port that synchronizes with an existing DSLR – perfect for connecting additional audio from mixing boards with multiple microphones and music sources.

KAPCHR easily connects to a Mac, PC or Linux device via USB 3.0 port without the need for drivers or special software and lets the DSLR work with apps that normally require a webcam. It captures video from the DSLR in real-time via HDMI at 60 frames per second (60FPS) and at HD 1080p (Maximum 1900×1200) resolution. With on-board processing, KAPCHR doesn’t require a fast computer and stays cool during extended use.

KAPCHR has now launched on IndieGoGo and will enter production with delivery scheduled for February of 2018. Pricing information is available on the campaign page.




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About Gear Care Inc.

The Gear Care team is on a mission to create new and unique ways of allowing our customers to connect devices and expand the capabilities of their devices. KAPCHR is one such product in our movement. With a successful launch of the KAPCHR, we will continue to develop and bring products to market backed by quality and innovation.