COLUMBUS, OH., – 20 July 2017 – IDA USA LLC, a company that invents useful gadgets and software, has developed a new smart car mount that can not only hold your phone, but also save your time both in car and at home by auto-launching a desired application. The company promises that their smart mount will provide a place for your phone and assist in everyday life.

The device called QLYX uses BLE module to interact with your phone, does not break Bluetooth connection with other devices, supports multi-connection and is compatible with both IOS and Android. Two mounting options are available: air vent clip and adhesive pad with 3M tape. Metal plates, that are attached to the phone, are made from electric steel, are only 0.05cm but ensure a reliable hold under any conditions.

The device requires a light application to work with a smartphone. It features a dashboard with handy widgets for drivers: traffic data, driving statistics, and weather forecast. Currently the mount auto-launches Waze, Spotify, Apple Maps and Google Maps, but the company promised to add more applications and widgets to choose from. The QLYX application also analysis driving statistics and patterns, and automatically drops parking pin.

“Our goals were to create first smart mount both for iOS and Android smartphones, first smart mount that serves as automobile wearable, first smart mount that not only helps to keep drivers eyes on the road, but also hands on the wheel,” describes creator of QLYX Aleks Prykhodko.

“There are so many car mounts out there, but they are limited to the use in car only. We wanted to create a product that would stretch an idea of a phone mount, so we created QLYX. A smart mount that has functionality of any regular car mount, but also features premium design and materials, and saves  precious time with every use,” comments Co-Founder of IDA USA LLC Igor Romanenko.

The project launches on Kickstarter on July 27th to establish US based assembly of the product. Preliminary retail price is $47.99, but you can always get an Early Bird price by backing the project first. 

About the company:

IDA USA LLC is a young company with headquarter office in Columbus, USA and R&D department in Kyiv, Ukraine, is already working on a wide range of projects including development energy saving solutions, water extraction systems and educational environment software.

IDA Team (PDF)

Product Features and Technical Details

Size (LWH): 1.92 inches, 0.72 inches, 1.92 inches

Weight: 2.65 ounces

Battery Type: Li-ion 2032

iOS and Android compatibility
All you need is to download QLYX Application from Apple store or Play Market.

BLE inside
“Brain” of QLYX interacts with the smartphone at extremely low power consumption.

Nonconflicting device
Phone can be connected to QLYX while simultaneously being connected to other Bluetooth devices.

One QLYX can be paired with two or more smartphones. And vice versa, one smartphone can be paired with two or more QLYXs.

New era of plates
Q-plates are made from electrical steel which allowed us to make them both super thin and have excellent magnetic properties.

Limitless mounting options
QLYX adhesive pad can be attached to any smooth surface and firmly fixed at any angle by 3M 9448A tape.

Perfect grip
QLYX air vent mount is made from reinforced steel with silicone coating. It is designed to grip any air vent and was tested under multiple conditions.

Long Battery life
One battery can power QLYX for up to 2 years of moderate usage (4 hours daily) and up to a year of heavy usage (8 hours daily).

Endless customization
Widgets will be added to the QLYX App upon your requests.