Today I am going to review the Audiocast M5 wifi receiver from a company called iEast a company that has pioneered the wireless audio industry with the development of iEast AudioCast, a wireless audio adapter that centralizes all music libraries into a wi-fi connected wireless multi-room sound system. The receiver costs about $39.99 USD and comes with Free shipping if bought on Amazon, so that’s all you will pay. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: iEast ANEWKODI Audiocast M5 Wifi/Airplay Streaming Audio Receiver

Provider:  iEast

Price:  $39.99


The Review:

The iEast Audiocast M5 is a wireless audio adapter that centralizes music libraries, turning speakers, soundbars, and home theaters into wireless hi-fi multi-room sound systems connected to home wi-fi networks. Users will only need an aux-in or TOSlink connection to use the system, and no new equipment is necessary. By combining both digital and physical components, the iEast M5 delivers two core elements: the iEast App on the Apple and Google Play Store and the iEast AudioCast.

The packaging, is a black box which shows the receiver up close on the front and with specifications and features for retail purpose The receiver does have an identifying mark on it which is “Audiocast” no mention of the iEast or ANEWKODI logo. This product indeed lives up to the unique design and concept that Hapurs envisioned  in my opinion…

This wifi receiver does come with an Instruction manual in case you never have used a product like this before which is a nice read so you can learn the app  there is also a spotify ad card telling you this product works with Spotify, and next it comes with a branded iEast Micro USB cable and 3.5 aux cable so you power and plug it into your speaker.

I currently use this device to make my speakers both bluetooth and non bluetooth sync together no matter where I am outside or inside watch a movie will never be the same and if you don’t have a pair of Edifier speakers to enjoy good sound hooking up 2,3,4,5 etc throughout so your audio is the same or could be changed just the flick of your phone/tablet  the device has a nice rubber base so it won’t slip off the shelf which is nice but I wish the micro usb and 3.5 slot were together in the back seems odd to have it side to side.



So yes the iEast Audiocast is inexpensive compared to the alternative , but is it even worth it? I would say yes if you want a to make your whole house surround sound not just limited to one room So in all it’s not bad for a wifi audio receiver I really liked that it was super easy to use and that it wouldn’t slip off the table