Meet HERO – the world’s smallest True Wireless Earbuds

We all love to work out and exercise , whether its crossfit running or just riding down the hill , and we always in a race to improve our score , burn more fat , gain more muscles .. But it seems today that the gadgets that were supposed to help us are actually holding us back . Instead of being focused on your workout you’re always messing with your earbuds wires and fixing it in your ear so it won’t fall out .

Now we’re launching HERO earbuds with one goal in mind :

Eliminate your distractions , so the only thing you’ll be focused on while working out is how much you lift .

Why HERO will never fail :

All the lucky ones who used true wireless earbuds in the past know that it’s the future, and there’s no doubt about it .

The biggest issue while using wireless connectivity is the sound quality , so how we solved it ?

By implementing AptX by Qualcomm we were able to restore CD-Like sound quality over Bluetooth connection and thanks to the latest advancement of Bluetooth 4.2 , the results are amazing .


The super small design together with the silicone adjustable hook will make it fit to your ear in a perfect way regardless to your ear size and shape and no matter if you’re snowboarding or lifting it’ll always be secured in your ear .

Features :

  • CSR Codec
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Sweatproof Coating
  • Adjustable Hook
  • Compact Design
  • Controls : Skip songs / Play / Pause / Answer Calls
  • Built-In Microphone
  • Portable Charging Case
  • 3 Hours Playtime
  •  2 Years WinnerGear warrantyTaking Pre-Orders –
    HERO : http://www.winnergear.com/product/hero-true-wireless-earbuds/