Well I don’t know about you but I’ve watched alot of youtube and liked videos some of them since my account was created in 2010 alot of the videos are private and there really is no reason for me to keep the videos in a liked playlist unless one day I want to look back and say “wow look at this video from Techsmartt those were the days he didn’t opted into click baiting or trend setting”

Is this some sort of secret hacking into my youtube account?

it’s not a secret as there are many videos on this topic and no this is not a form of account hacking, nobody from another country will be getting your info

 “well David how do I remove them I don’t see that remove all button”

of course not Youtube doesn’t want us doing this maybe one day but for now you have to rely on this browser script.

for those that say it doesn’t work I can personally agree with the comment made on one Youtube video where I found this trick 

How to open your browser console:
Chrome: Windows: Ctrl + Shift + J | Mac: Option + Cmd + J

FireFox: Windows: Ctrl + Shift + K | Mac: Option + Cmd + K (You may have to write “allow pasting” in the console to paste the code)

Opera: Windows: Ctrl + Shift + J | Mac: Option + Cmd + J

Edge: Press “F12 “and then click on the “Console” tab.

Safari: Option + Cmd + C (You have to turn on the “Develop menu” to use this shortcut. Click on Safari in upper left corner then click on Preferences, and click on the Advanced tab. At the bottom of the page, check the box next to “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.)

If some of the shortcuts above don’t work, check out this simple explanation on how to use the console in different browsers:


var items = $(‘body’).getElementsByClassName(“pl-video-edit-remove-liked-video”); for(var i = 0; i < items.length; i++){ items[i].click(); }