Clumsy much? Fan of large, deep bags? Post-its are your best friends? Do you keep forgetting where you’ve parked your car in the mall? If so, we hope you’re enjoying life in the 20th century, because you’re in for chaos (and, spoiler alert, you’ll lose).

Lapa 2 is the answer to your nightmares and your ticket to the new millennium. Not only will it save you lots of time, but it’ll also spare you the bill of memory aid pills. You’re welcome.




Backed up entirely by an app and the use of Bluetooth, Lapa 2 is the perfect solution for your daily life. How?! It’s very simple, actually. You put it in your bag or stick it to your car keys, and it’ll keep track of ALL your things. You can save it to a rainy day and stick it to your umbrella – it is waterproof, shock resistant and it’ll outlive you, we promise.According to Lapa’s CEO, “Lapa 2 is the only product that combines a flawless performance, social features, durability and a replaceable battery. This means that users can truly rely on it and live their life without worries. It fits your life, your style and your safety needs. Every detail of the design points to this”.

With a bold, colorful design, Lapa 2 will leave you flabbergasted by its style. Do you want to gift it to your precious cat? Does your kid need one? We also have a cool line of accessories for kids and pets!<br
LAPA is a Portuguese slang word that means something like “something/someone that sticks with you”. So, by using it, you’ll realize how close are your misplaced objects. It’ll ring and light up, so you can easily find what you’ve lost. But there’s more: you can always find your phone with a cool new feature. Press a button on your Lapa 2 and pay attention – you’ll hear your phone ringing somewhere, even if it’s on silent mode. Lost something beyond 200 ft range? Not a problem, it connects to your Facebook account, allowing you to ask your friends for help. If someone else finds your object, the app also allows the person to message you. You can be social even at the worst of times!

Lapa 2 is the second generation of the gadget created by the Lapa entrepreneurs. According to Lapa’s Product Manager, the studio spent the last two years working on this project. They took “every bit of feedback we got from the users of the original Lapa, and built a product that keeps with anyone and never lets them down”.

Check and order your Lapa 2 NOW!  There’s worldwide free shipping, so you’re out of excuses to keep losing your things! Also on Amazon too