I’ve reviewed my fair share of backpacks and “bags” and if I could name just recall just one that was great it would be a tough one but I did quite enjoy Casecrown Messenger Bag back when Casecrown was into Black and Orange the material was great and the bag never ripped in fact I still have it So today after YEARS of sitting back and reading the tweets from @casecrown in my feed I thought “hmm I should see what’s up and so I did and they were glad to hear from me again. They said “HEY we have a few new products” (one of them is out of stock and will be coming out for a review on this blog soon stay tuned). So for those who never heard of this company let me tell you, Casecrown is a company making stylish and top quality smart phone, tablet cases and other mobile accessories  Today I am going to review the CASECROWN CAMPUS COMMUTER

Where ? : Amazon, Casecrown.com

“Okay David I’m liking this item and company so far but give me the story” Right sure here goes……..

The Campus Commuter is a 2-in-1 sleeve / messenger made for your 13 inch laptop (compatible with 13 inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air). With the adjustable shoulder strap, you can use it as a slim messenger. The clasps make it easy to remove so you can use it as a laptop sleeve if you prefer. On the back side there is an extra outer pocket with a secure zipper closure. You can use it for your phone, wallet, keys, or passport for quick access. For the main compartment, you will find all around double zippers that fully open. Open this up and you get to the best features of the Campus Commuter. There are designated slots for your laptop, tablet, and phone. The short straps with velcro closure will secure your devices in place.


After using this bag for a while , The only fault I could find is it’s tight with my Macbook late 2012 with a case on it I can barely place a lot more in the bag like maybe a cables and a laptop power bank I couldn’t even put my tablet in the case. This bag really isn’t meant to have drop protection since it’s just a canvas bag and is rather tight once you have your laptop/devices in the bag (depending on your laptop/devices) so don’t drop it. But it’s got some water protection from a bit of light rain not a “Noah flood”. When I zippered the bag I had no trouble so that’s a big plus unlike some other tight bags I like the simple design and the cable ties. I would only use this if you don’t have a lot books on campus and mostly need just your computer,tablet,phone, a few cables and maybe a power bank. Anymore and you will be pushing it. When I compare this to some past bags  I have had in the past it’s definitely an affordable simple case that you can carry the essentials needed for college or work otherwise I would look into getting a backpack so you can store more items like textbooks.