Zuckeirm’s best-selling original Gekkopod is a lightweight, flexible tripod, which easily attaches your point-and-shoot camera to a range of objects including any pole or tree so you always get the perfect angle wherever you are.

The Gekkopod mount is that nifty tripod solution you are looking for! One mount for your smartphone, camera or GoPro.

Wrap all five arms around a pole, tree branch, the best drone from this DJI Mavic Review 2018 or various objects for a tight grip (even make your own selfie stick!). This ultra lightweight mount makes it a handy option for those quick trips.

It uses a flexible-bendy, four-legged design to securely mount your smartphone, GoPro, or camera to anything you can wrap its legs around. To do this, it uses internal, iron-based springs inside a silicone material, which is moulded with non-slip dots on each foot for better grip all inspired by the gecko feet!

Get creative and maximize the fun with this totally lovable mount! You can add on the Selfie bluetooth remote or the Camera mount for the complete Gekkopod experience.


  • Capture better perspectives: flexible wrappable joints secure camera to objects and position the camera at any angle to frame the perfect shot.
  • Stability on any surface: rubberized ring/foot grips allow you to capture crisp photos, even in low light.
  • Reliable performance: over 80 plastic compounds tested over a year to identify the best materials for optimal feel and durability; can support up to 7x its weight.
  • Portable: flexible and lightweight legs allow you to easily store and carry when on the go.
  • Quick setup: quick-release clip stays connected to your camera.
  • Peace of mind: lock ring ensures your camera is safely attached.
  • Intuitive: flexible legs make it easy and fun to use.

Gekkopod Phone Mount