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One-click video conferencing in the browser with

Set up a hassle­free video conference with up to 8 participants

Have you ever tried to set up a video conference with people from different companies or on different devices? Usually companies have their own, closed videoconference solution, that only works for people in that company or on their internal network. This usually results in 5­15 mins. being wasted at the beginning of every meeting to get everyone in the call. is a new browser ­based service for video conversations with multiple participants, that allows you to enter a video conference just by clicking a link. No downloads, no login, no company­ restricted solutions.

Users of enter rooms, rather than make calls to other users. Each room has its own unique link in the form The name can be customized by the user, e.g. using their company, project or team name or the topic of meeting: or­vision2020.

To invite people to a room, you simply copy the room link and send it to them in an e­mail, chat, SMS or just tell it to them. Receiving a request to start talking on requires no work whatsoever. You click on the link received and immediately enter the conversation. is built with cutting­edge web technology, and is based on a new standard for real­time communication in the browser, called WebRTC. WebRTC is currently supported by the browsers Chrome, Firefox and Opera, on both desktop computers and Android mobile phones and tablets, making available on 1 billion connected devices.

The goal of is to make talking over video so easy and convenient that it feels as natural as picking up the phone. “We see being used for a lot of unexpected things both in the business world and for personal use; daily team meetings, parents helping their kids in university with math, monitoring sleeping babies, doing video interviews and tutorials, checking whether the coffee pot in the office is full ­ these are just some examples.” says Product Manager Ingrid Ødegaard.

Since its recent launch, have gained users all over the world and have been used in 175 countries! For the time being, the service is free and accept companies as pilot customers.

The service will also be available to developers through an API, enabling them to embed a video room on their own site or integrate it into their services. was launched in August 2013. Originally started as a summer intern project, the project quickly turned into a startup with global ambitions. The team currently consist of 9 people, and operates as an independent startup within the incubator environment of Telenor Digital.

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