Today I am going to review a gaming mouse from a company called A4Tech which manufactures different computer accessories    The design of the mouse is very unique to some other gaming mice I’ve reviewed. You are sure to gain an advantage above your opponent the mouse costs about $59.99  but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on…


Product Name:  A4Tech Bloody USA T50 Infrared Micro Switch Gaming Mouse with Metal X’Glide  

Provider: A4Tech

The Review:

A bit of background on my experence with Bloody USA products it all started in January 2014 after I came back from CES  I reviewed the V7MA and I really liked this mouse a lot in fact up till I got the TL8A I had used the V7MA I really liked it I did of course play some Games on my Mac so when I got the TL8A I was already comfortable with BloodyUSA products a bit of history of how the A4 Tech brand Bloody came to be it was officially born and launched in 2012 and set a new definition of gaming mice with features

So as I said the V7MA and TL8A were a great mince so what could be better well… the T50  better now you might saying “well David all these mice look the same and you might be right and wrong, The T50 like the TL8A has textured soft-rubber on the Left/Right buttons which is also abrasion resistant. Sweat-slip resistant this mouse also helps reduces shake

The best part and what makes this mouse unique is the Infrared Micro Switch while I am not an expert in gaming I am told this is top leading in technology, A4Tech (Bloody USA) developed a LightSTrike Switch to allow you to have minimum of 0.2MS tactical response speed faster than other gaming competitors out there. Kill or Be Killed in gaming terms, in the world of gaming, each MS matters this is a feature any gamer will be happy to have.

Besides the varies catalog,software card and bloody stickers the only other thing you get in the box is the mouse it’s self

Since I’m not a big gamer I do play some games once in a while used to use Onlive but that ship sailed away. I found this mouse is great for those quick to action games where you need more mouse power so anyone who is a hard-core gaming and plays a lot FPS shooter games will enjoy this mouse and for other games, so is the best mouse for league of legends. Just like any of the Bloody mice I tested, the buttons on the mouse can be customized to your gaming style the mouse has5 multiple setting preset you can set for the dpi change, which these preset settings you can perform your actions with the speed that can follow up with you. Double click “1” “N” “3” and “4” on the mouse to Change DPI on the Fly with your Scroll customized with the software to what you need for the best performance

Now just like the  V7MA and TL8A stays strong with the feature called “Ahead” Technology. The T50 has a infrared Scroll wheel with this technology they are capable of, not only the Clicks but they also optimized the scroll wheel to perform with a faster response speed. Many hard-core gamers love to give actions to their scroll wheels, so they figured “why not give you faster response speed throughout the whole Gaming mouse.” 

I used this product for a few weeks and I have to say I liked that it was faster than some other mouse’s I have tried in the past it worked great for web browsing, Photoshop and perfect for cloud gaming on the mac


So yes the A4Tech Bloody USA T50 Infrared Micro Switch Gaming Mouse with Metal X’Glide is a moderate priced product, but is it even worth it? I would say yes if you are a true gamer I wouldn’t just buy this if you want a mouse for basic tasks like I did for this review get it only if you are a gamer I think if you are into Stream this could come in handy with the custom buttons

So in all it’s not bad for a gaming mouse  and I don’t think you will find any other product better than A4Tech Bloody USA product line from the design to the way there products are made they are made tough even though I don’t recommend testing out the toughness this mouse might outlast your computer by the time you upgrade

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