I thought about a month ago I found the right lamp but like everything on amazon today there will always be something better and today I am reviewing a very cool desk lamp from 1byone a company I am still learning how to pronounce ( not i but one(1)-by-one) this company makes a lot of cool tech gadgets. Let’s read on….

Where ? : Amazon

So you might be thinking “Well how does it work and WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THIS LAMP” well like most LED lamps you need a plug-in the wall and some space on a desk but with this lamp from 1byone the lamp is small but still a good size like others but with hardly any base so it can be placed almost anywhere which makes it perfect for travel since it’s wireless with a rechargeable battery charged with micro usb cable.

The operation of this lamp is very easy on at the bottom-top you will find a power button then if you look directly in front of the lamp you will find a metallic-like mirror the function of dimming and switching between reading and white light.


After using this LED Lamp for about a day , I wasn’t able to find anything wrong it besides having to be careful when you bend the lamp making sure I didn’t snap the lamp when I compared this led lamp to a few other lamps I’ve reviewed I still like this design alot I would say if you want a led lamp that can be traveled or fit in with your simple apple desk setup  I would try this out but if you think you might be too rough with the lamp I would suggest TaoTronics or something without the bend where the tech in the lamp is.