So how smart can a power strip be? My first idea of a “smart power strip” is one that can make me food and drive me around but I guess that’s the job for some other inventions like the driverless car but I could go on about that topic. Today I am reviewing a simple smart travel power strip from 1byone a company I am still learning how to pronounce ( not i but one(1)-by-one) this company makes a lot of cool tech gadgets. Let’s read on….

Where ? : Amazon

“Well David how smart is it” well it’s not smarter than you so it won’t over take your authority thank goodness too as we don’t need another PAT. Most surge protectors over the same features as this surge protector but this one from 1byone is a bit different then most for starters, the cable can be pulled out and both cable and surge protector can be stored in a backpack comfortably.

There are many features I liked about this surge protector like that it can be used in many countries if I ever am fortune to travel to and that if I had child, it’s protected for them. I do wish it had all 2.4 usb ports and 4 plugs but it’s still makes for a great surge protector


After using this surge protector for about a day , I wasn’t able to find anything wrong it besides having four plugs instead of two and all the usb ports with a max amp of 2.4 not just two that seems to be an ongoing request that only ravpower and few other companies have meant  when I compared this surge protector to a few others I’ve reviewed I still like this design,size and portability a lot  I would say if you want a surge protector that can be traveled or fit in with your simple desk setup  I would try this out