Today I am going to review a wireless bluetooth headset from a company called Inateck is a company which sells various mobile & computer accessories the headset costs about $29.99 with with Free Prime shipping on amazon by clicking below. So not bad for the price but how does it perform? That’s what this review intends to show you, so read on….


Product Name: Inateck Bluetooth 4.1 Weatherproof In-ear Headphones Apt-X Supported

Provider: Inateck


The Review:

The packaging, is an easy-slide open black box cover which opens from the side and has the Inateck logo and website on the box along with some specs and other info. Inside the first thing you see is the earbuds are packed into a very nicely made water-resistant case along with instructions, USB charging cable which I might add is BRAIDED (my favorite type of cable). Now if you don’t want to keep them in the case which I don’t blame you since they are quite awesome you can just keep it around your neck since at the top of each earbud is a magnet so it makes perfect while running so the earbuds don’t fly off your neck when not in use. The right side of the headset you will find on the cable a switch which has the power ,charging port (micro-usb) and volume buttons and back and forward are the same , play/pause and call answer/hangup button is the same only when you are getting a call does this turn into the call button the mic is also on this side of the headset


This headset is very easy to pair just turn on your bluetooth setting on your device then your turn on and hold the power button until it flashes blue/red  then search for the name Inateck within your device’s bluetooth

Sound Quality:

I used this for about a month (still do) and I found the headset was great when using Spotify,Pandora while connected to my tablet and smartphone I didn’t get any cuts in audio like I would with some other wireless earbuds


So yes the headset is priced affordable, but is it even worth it? I would say YES! if you’re going to be walking around town or jogging/biking for fun. No flaws as I mentioned besides maybe some type of soft rubber attachment to hook onto your ears in case the earbuds were to come out while running but for me they stay in. So in all it’s still not bad for a wireless headset,


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