NOON VR Transcend Your Reality 

Virtual Reality is nothing new to me but it’s making a comeback in the 21st century. I somewhat remember them in game systems my older siblings might remember them more but we can add one more thing our smartphones can do besides be our girl/boyfriend  (haha) and that’s Virtual Reality. While I don’t think it’s a done deal and there is still a ton of work to be done on this kind of tech mostly on the app side even with such apps like “Cardboard”.  But there is one brand the out there that has a strong marketing and pretty good app for their Vr Headset much like how instagram works and that’s Noon VR by NextCore So what do I think about these VR glasses read on…

Where ? : Amazon

So as I said in the video below your first time using this product will take a bit of adjustment as it will feel odd but soon you will get used to it I was given this advice by BeauHD who is one of the many Tech Youtubers I watch and it was indeed true. There was something else I have to tell you don’t try to get up walking with these on you will end up getting dizzy and fall for the review I just wanted to try it and I was starting to get dizzy. Depending on the app you picked and placed inside the Noon VR you might have controls to go forward and back within the app.

Now if maybe this VR headset is a bit much for your budget Noon also has a cardboard version on amazon which looks very nice from the product listing then the GMYLE Cardboard I reviewed a few months ago.

What apps can I use? 

Well I just learned this but when I was recording the video I didn’t see this info before. They have a list of apps that work great with the NOON VR they also now provide a QR code for the Google Cardboard app something I wasn’t able to use at the time

How do these compare with some of the VR headsets?

If you want my personal opinion I think any of the VR headsets on the market today from the cardboard to the more premium ones all do the same purpose so it’s all about the name and design just like Chips Ahoy and Store Brand chocolate chips. They’re about the same just a different way they marketed and designed their product but it all comes down to cost


After using this VR headset for about two months total , I couldn’t find any problems besides giving the headset enough time for me to adjust to The headset offers style and fun for any tech nerd or non geek out there and would make a cool conversation with the family for christmas time

More Info:
NOON can turn any smartphone with a screen size of 4.7 to 5.7 inches into your personal virtual reality device. All you need is your smartphone and the NOON VR app which is available for free through your phone’s app store.
Product Features
1. VR experienced with only a smartphone.
2. Immediate and easy usage possible without additional necessary equipment or components.
3. Usage possible with any smartphone with screen size of 4.7 to 5.7 inches
4. Easy mobility allows VR to be experienced anywhere and in any position (even while lying down).
5. Sight adjustments allow usage by people of varying eyesight.
6. Large-diameter, premium lenses allow for wide viewing angles without fatigue to the eyes.
7. The flexible phone band fixes various size of smartphones to NOON firmly, allowing for comfortable head movements.
– W: 164mm
– H: 87mm
– D: 77mm (97mm with cover)
– Weight: 230g
Protective Cover
Head Band
User’s Guide
Activation code
Compatible smartphones for headset
Samsung : Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge plus, S5, S4, S3, Note5, Note4, Note edge, Note3, Note2, A5
Apple : Iphone 6 plus, 6
LG : G4, G3, G2
Motorola : Nexus 5
Xiaomi : Mi4, Mi note, Red Mi2, Red Mi note
One plus : One
Huawei : Honor 6 plus, Y625
HTC : HTC D820t
Asus : Zenfone 2, Zenfone Zoom, Zenfone 5
Sony : Xperia Z3, Xperia Z2
Meizu : M1 note, MX4