There’s so many light bulbs and bluetooth speakers out on the market now it can be a crazy task to hunt down something that fits both your needs well…. not until now recently I came across a led bulb and speaker in one I already was sold on the led color bulbs from Satechi which I reviewed earlier this year so when I hear I could use it as a bluetooth speaker I said “I’ve got to try it” So today I am going to review the 1byone Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Smart LED Light Bulb

Where ? : Amazon

So you might be thinking “Well how does it work” well like most LED bulbs you need a remote some come with one others you have to download an app like this bulb from 1byone the app when I first downloaded it wasn’t the best but when an update came out it was much better  the app is very easy to grasp within about 15 mins or less of playing around when download it from the app store I didn’t try it on Android but I can assume it works the same

So what can you do you will be able to change the color of the light or use it as speaker or just connect one at a time since there is two bluetooth connections one for the speaker and one for the light


After using this LED Bulb for a few weeks , I wasn’t able to find anything wrong it besides the size when compared to my Satechi Bulb I wish somehow they could have made it around that size so it would fit inside my lamps without looking “cramped” I would say if you want a speaker and a RGB LED BULB I would try this out you can also pair a few in one app but I’m not sure if the bluetooth speaker will sound the same on all of them, But if you are having a party set them all to auto